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    My Community Stick

    Post by Claws111 on Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:14 am

    This picture took place in a jail due to the multiple arrests he had.

    Name: Jackel Trahena

    Ability: Robotic Arm, Fires energy beams, Ready to use when user is made enraged.

    Weakness: Hit in the gut.

    Story: When Jackel was 2 years old, an unknown murderer killed his parents, imprisoned his brother in an enclosed location, and stapled a blindfold to the back of Jackel's head. The only people who were spared at the time were Jackel and his grandfather. Jackel's grandfather took Jackel to his home. He ensured Jackel that he will be able to get revenge on the killer. (OK, the story gets a little crazy here) When Jackel turned 11, Jackel's grandfather took Jackel to the basement to reveal a "mad scientists" laboratory and got Jackel to lie down on a table. A laser shot down at Jackel, and a metallic substance grew out of Jackel's left arm. Jackel's grandfather explained to him about the robotic arm, and the fact that Jackel was now a cyborg. Then, after 3 years of fighting training, and how to work with the arm, Jackel was left to take a long journey to find his brother, and eliminate the murderer. Currently, Jackel is 16 years old.

    Wins/looses: None

    Points (you get 1 for winning a battle): Over 9000. (JK)
    Availability: All the time.

    Extra Info: Jackel has been arrested 3 times due to many acts of lethal force. You cannot take the staple out of Jackel's head because his skull was soft at the time, and the staple found its way into his brain. The skull had gotten stronger over time and now the staple is stuck there.

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