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    Holy crap look what I found chaps!



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    Holy crap look what I found chaps!

    Post by Narf on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:04 am

    November 17th 2006:
    Pivot Stick Figure Showcase is created by JasonV00rhees on Newgrounds

    Jason has since vanished from newgrounds, posting only 2 more times afterwards both were not a follow up to the pivot thread.

    After the initial creation it was forgoten, with no posts, and no mention was so ever, disapearing among the pages of the newgrounds art forum.

    December 19th 2006:

    Stikkilla revived the thread, almost exactly 1 month later. The second post on the entire thread is made. Stikkilla still posts today on newgrounds, however he seems to have moved on to stick flashes, and hasn’t really come back to the pivot thread. You can view his flashes here:


    After a few posts, the thread was once again forgotten. This time for much longer.

    February 5th 2007:
    2 months later the pivot thread is again revived, this time by S-S-X (relation to SSX here, I’m not too sure, but I don’t think so).

    This time the thread stays active quite frequently by mostly posts from Monkey-Boy http://monkey-boy.newgrounds.com/ and PaperLuigi http://paperluigi.newgrounds.com/

    After the odd sprout of activeness, for the third time the pivot thread hits a dry spell, this time longer than both dry spells combined.

    June 9th 2007:
    4 months after the Pivot Stick Figure Showcase’s last post. It is once again bumped back to life. This time, the thread stays active for the rest of its days (until its lock years later)

    Memerable users to join the forum at this time.

    Blob – contributer of the first collab http://blob1994.newgrounds.com/
    Flameflame12121 http://flameflame12121.newgrounds.com/ Last posted not too long ago.
    Acidsnowball10 http://acidsnowball10.newgrounds.com/

    Early July 2007:
    Memerable Active Members:
    Gothclawz http://gothclawz.newgrounds.com/ still considered a douche all around

    July 28th 2007:
    To me this was a history defining moment in the pivot thread history. On this day pivot was shown for what it really was, and what it’s full potential could be. Limped http://limped.newgrounds.com/ made his debut appearance in the pivot showcase this day. Not only was he the best pivoter to post in the forum at that time, but he’s arguably one of the best pivoters of that generation. Limped’s retired now, but he was a true inspiration to almost every pivoter in the Showcase. I for one used him as a standard to reach. It was a key moment for newer and brighter talent to come pouring into the Showcase.

    July 30th 2007
    Not too longer after Limped appearance, a growing pivot Icon made his pivot debut. Ape4 http://ape4.newgrounds.com/ who is currently an administrator of Framerate made his first posts on this day. A little nooblet then, is now considered a high quality pivoter of this generation.

    Early August 2007:
    Memerable active users to date:

    Lonewolf(aka Wolfmaydie) http://wolfmaydie.newgrounds.com/ makes his pivot debut

    Wolf joins around this time. Also a current admin of the forum. Known as Lonewolf back then. Sadly hes was tricked out of his old account after a while. (sorry wolf)

    “i got an idea why dont we like have a topic and then make a flash collabo but everyone does one scene for the flash yknow just an idea” – acidsnowball August 13th 2007

    I actually found this recently going through all the old pages. Seems to me this was one of the first mentions of a collab.

    August 20th 2007:

    Yeah http://www.freepowerboards.com/expectit/

    The first ever forum created from the pivot thread. Founder Paan(Yes that douche). His first post can be found here. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/606606/17
    You’ll notice he was still an ass in his introductions aswell.


    Blob1994 returns around this time aswell.

    August 25th 2007:
    Ngmasta http://ngmastah.newgrounds.com/ makes his first appearance. Another admin to the forums, as well as Killers123 http://killers123.newgrounds.com/

    Nearing the end of August, more chatter about a Pivot Collab, but nothing really getting off the ground.

    September 6th 2007:
    SSX http://ssxorcist15.newgrounds.com/ makes his appearance. This one I’m sure is him lol.

    Through the month of September I don’t recall seeing any mention of a Pivot Collab.

    September 13th 2007:
    An attempt at making a pivot crew is tried and failed. The thread in C&C was considered deleted. This was around the time where it was clearly evident Pivot was unwanted at newgrounds. Infact there was even talk about a possible locking of the thread.

    September 23rd 2007:
    TheReno http://thereno.newgrounds.com/ joins. This user was quite a handful in terms of annoyance. I’ll get on to this later. Anyway he joins.

    5 days later Jolly-Rodger joins. His pivots weren’t very good, but he was an entertaining guy none the less. Most his pivots were of sexual nature. I think I liked it most because it probably bothered Paan.

    October 1st 2007:
    Limped makes his final appearances. It definitely got some inspiration going. He also introduced Darkdemon.org to the thread.

    October 3rd 2007:
    Hijackreaper http://hijackreaper.newgrounds.com/ joins who is also a current moderator of the forums.

    October 6th 2007:
    I join the pivot thread. I came in a couple months late compared to the many originals, but again this was still well over a year ago, and I was as an over ego’d asshole back then. Technically I still am now, but for totally different reasons now Razz

    Around this time, the Collab seemed a little more underway. Or at least by this time rules and guidelines were set. For me I was just another one of the guys that wanted to make an entry. I think all of us really just wanted a submission under our belt.

    October 7th 2007


    I’m not going to call this a failed collab. Because in fact the whole thing was made without permission from any of the users. This flash was blamed. I’m not even sure if pivots were in it, but it didn’t make it through the portal. I believe ape and a few others were co-authored to this flash. But beyond that I don’t have much information on this.
    All and all the person to blame for this mishap is cmeister http://cmeister.newgrounds.com/

    At this time he seemed to be the appointed flasher.

    October 9th 2007:


    One of Wolfs first famous stick designs is made. This particular stick was quite popular for a while.

    Soon after talk about a collab died out. Every once and a while it would be brought up. Mostly everyone was busy dishing out pivots. Infact we’d increase probably 5 pages a day.

    List of Users looking to participate at that time: Courtesy of ape.

    October 17th 2007:
    The first ever Narf tutorial:

    TheReno: “Can you tell me how to get that ground shakey feeling?”
    Narf: “create a stick with a decent thickness, enlarge it as your floor, and move it up and down between frames. Make sure the characters move with the ground, or it wont look right. Also this effect can be applied after your base animation is finished. Focus on the animation first then go into the effects.”

    October 18th 2007:
    Random Santa http://randomsanta.newgrounds.com/ make his first appearance

    October 27th 2007:

    Flippy is born. This then resulted in the many flippy attacks throughout the thread.

    Flippies ownages:

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    Re: Holy crap look what I found chaps!

    Post by Narf on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:04 am

    After those few, Flippy’s madness was finally put to an end. I did it out of fear that I was next.
    October 27th – November 5th

    Flippy made a final attack before his death

    November 1st 2007:
    Wolf starts making some crazy realistic blood animations. A little teaser of some of the epic ness

    November 6th 2007:

    Ownage bot is born. His creation was a result of flippies death. People thought they were safe but now they had something new to worry about.

    On the same day wolfs famous signature stick is first revealed.

    A few days later, flippy made a short comeback appearance, but it felt more like a teaser.

    Also MasterChief128 makes his unfortunate debut. This was one of the first users to cause problems in the thread. Every single post was spam, and was clearly intentional. He showed now real intent to improve and was overall a nuisance. This user would be one of the main reasons that a new thread was created in the future.

    November 19th 2007:

    The Pivot Thread reaches 3 digits. Now the 100ths page post is on the 99th page because a few posts were deleted for spam. Mostly from Masterchief.
    Check the celebration http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/606606/99

    November 23rd 2007:
    Blawbs! Apes blawb madness begins. On the same day, Hijackreaper decides to take the reins for the Pivot Collab. The collabs discussion had been absent for quite some time until this.

    November 25th 2007:
    Hijack makes his last posts for a long time. He mysteriously disappears around this time and nobody knew why. Later it was found out that his computer crashed and was in for repairs for a couple months. This event put the collab in limbo. Entries were being made, but no one was organizing it.

    November 26th 2007:
    The release of the Portal Collab http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/411045 , inspires a ton of oortal pivots to be made.

    November 30th 2007:
    “I just realised something:
    narf can flash it!!!! He has a flash video!
    So, could ya, if hijack doesen't show?” – ape

    Awwww crap lol

    And so it began…….

    Also same day, cmkinsac http://cmkinsac.newgrounds.com/ makes his pivoting appearance. Cmkinsac would later go on to found “The EZToon Showcase”, and would earn a mod spot in the forum.

    The EZToon thread is created http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/819889

    I’m not too familiar with all that went on in the EZToon thread, but it still played a cruicial role with the development of FrameRate.

    Originally for the collab my design for each users pivot was very complicated.

    Every person was going to have their own page. Each with a custom design featuring their pivot. It seemed awesome at the time, but my flashing skills just weren’t there. I was very inexpirienced with flash, and I was looking to make it of as high a quality as I possibly could. That day wouldn’t come for Collab 1, but I felt I made a decent attempt at a more generic design.

    For the collab, it seems ape was the “Official” frame counter. Every day or so he’d give the update of who completed what amount of frames.

    Decmember 4th 2007:
    I had announced that I was going to quit pivot after the collab and move to flash. This obviously never happened. It seems there was still a lot more in store for me and pivot in the future. It definitly wasn’t time for me to leave the pivot game, no matter how much I wanted it.

    Early December I had Finals, much like I do now, so everything kind of went on hold for a while. I got a lot of messages on the status of the collab those weeks. The animations were pretty much ready, I just needed to convert them to flash. Lucky enough the delay was a good thing. During that time, many pivoters had improved and had many better animations to show for it.

    December 16th 2007:
    Weeweepoopoo http://weeweepoopoo.newgrounds.com/ made his appearance. Now altho he didn’t stay for long, he was quite the stick designer. Or at least I liked his approach at things. Those that do remember him, will know him from his NGTank Stick http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/14/14876000/ngbbs4765715cad50a.gif

    And just so you guys realise I went through frustrations on stiffness too “how the hell am i supposed to give the effect of someone standing still without him seeming stiff, i give up” – Narf Dec. 17th 2007

    I too went through troubles and thought some things were impossible, but I kept at it and overcame those “impossibilities”.

    December 21st 2007:
    Hijack returns for a brief moment. But then disapears again until the 5th of January next year.

    January 1st 2008:
    To begin the new year, the main movie of the collab was completed, and was nearing submission. At this time it was my decision to take in many newer animations to put in extras. Maybe some of them could have been saved for the second collab, but I didn’t know there was going to be a second collab. In my mind I was quitting after that one.

    January 7th 2008:
    Ilandman http://ilandman11.newgrounds.com/ aka Nuclear Chirstmas makes his pivot debut!!! Altho he posted 5 times in a row in his debut!!! Ahemm….Now a mod of Framerate, Ilandman has stuck with us day 1 since he joined, and it’s a privilege to have him still with us.

    January 10th 2008:
    JOMBO!!! http://jombo.newgrounds.com/ He’s active every now an then. This guy is someone you couldn’t help but like tho.

    We started running into problems around this time. There was sooo many diffent people posting in the same thread, a lot of people were getting frustrated because they weren’t getting commented on. Some people would post and be ignored. In the end there was no way to stop this. The thread was too crowded to keep track of everyone at once. People would have to accept the fact that they’re stuff could possibly be ignored.

    This over crowdedness would lead too fights as well. Many people would end up getting sick of others, and the pivot thread started to divide a little. The over flowing of newer pivoters was becoming a pain. We all wanted to help but some didn’t want to be helped or just got offended at the idea. A few stayed neutral and others got fairly involved like myself. Times were tough, and pivot was really in need of a rules structure. That wouldn’t happen for a long time.

    January 17th 2007:
    Bert http://bert705.newgrounds.com/ makes his celebrity appearance. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t a douche bag when he posted. He only returned one more time, and again was an asshole to everyone. If there was one person I wanted to PW the most just to bitch slap, it would have been him. Sorry Bert, but your offically a dick! You can tell him I said it.

    January 18th 2008:

    Paan creates SilentSpace http://www.createforum.com/pivoteztoon/index.php?mforum=pivoteztoon , but it wasn’t called silentspace at that time. Feel free to browse the old forum, don’t post in it tho. I don’t want it active. New accounts can’t be made on it anyway. So this just goes to all you old account users.

    The forum was a major part of the collabs and the pivoters. Not only did it help ease some of the overload of posted on the Showcase, but it also let everyone get to know eachother.

    February 1st 2008:
    Flipboi http://flipboi117.newgrounds.com/ makes his appearance. Buddy of ilandman, Flipboi also was one user that stayed with us from day 1. Thanks bud! 

    Early February 2008:
    Reno’s demise nears. The soon to be named Asshat, made arguments with the entire forum and thread over whether stolen sprites should be used or not and wouldn’t accept that he didn’t know how to ease. In the end he wouldn’t let up, and started coming up with stupid counters that made no sense like “You use sticks too much”. He thought he was the greatest pivoter ever, and in the end he was just being a jerk. So he was outcast. Once a former Mod of SilentSpace, was now renamed to Asshatery, and banned then deleted from the forum forever.

    He caused a petty argument that didn’t need to be argued about. He was wrong, and wouldn’t accept it. Every time we tried to forget about it, he’d bring it back up. Now “Asshatery” posts in the Furry Fans thread. And only that thread. For all I care he can stay there and enjoy.

    February 6th 2008:

    Despite the LONG argument with Reno, the realease of Collab 1 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/423746 went off without a hitch.


    Minicourtz http://minicourtz.newgrounds.com/

    Many thought it was going to be blammed for some reason. I didn’t quite understand why. Infact it did quite well making 8th for the day http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/857382 .

    It was a rough road to getting out the first Collab and it took very long to get it out. This seems to be a trend in the collabs however and in the end it always worked out. With the release of the Collab I was hungry for more. I knew pivot had the ability to get an award after that day, and I was determined to prove it.

    You can read a much more detailed blog about the collab production here http://narf109.newgrounds.com/news/post/78364 . Its got everything I've already explained but just a more detailed read.

    February 16th 2008:
    Duhidiot http://duhidiot.newgrounds.com/ joins the showcase! A well known and active member of the forums even today.

    Also to further Paans sad little ego, he managed to make Inter on DD. The first person in our group to do so. I would have been happy for him until he thought it was cool to try to rub it in our faces. It was pretty annoying and someone needed to shut his ass up. So I did what anyone who was pissed off at him would do. I made inter on DD too. I think it was the next day after he announced it too. I didn’t really care much for ranks, but I just wanted his dumb ass to shut up. So yeah this is just a little lesson to you folks who care about ranks so much. Ranks don’t even matter, it just makes people think they have more of a right than others. This is one of the main inspirations as to why the forum does not implement them.

    March 3rd 2008:
    Reeper http://reeper13.newgrounds.com/ joins up. Haven’t seen him for a while tho.

    March 9th 2008:
    Jimmy http://wjimmyw.newgrounds.com/ . I couldn’t tell you much about how funny it was to make fun of this idiot. You just had to be there. Everyone hated this guy. If you don’t remember him you will if you remember his stick. He even gave us it so we could beat the living crap out of it. Its name was Gerald… fuck you Gerald! http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/14/15715000/ngbbs47d4f9537f230.gif

    March 13th 2008:
    The Wolf and Narf pw begins. It was a hall of fame occasion because at that time me and wolf were considered the best in the showcase at that time. This is why those animations made it to the hall of fame on framerate. They were two animations I don’t think anyone will forget.

    Two days later Ape and Paan started their epic PW. I don't have the animations so if Ape could please find them and put them here that would help.

    Starting The Pivot Collab 2:
    There were two topics with 2nd Collab and they can be viewed here http://www.createforum.com/pivoteztoon/viewtopic.php?t=157&mforum=pivoteztoon
    And here

    The collab stated off slow like the last one. This time around we wanted a fixed theme, unlike last time. I couldn’t tell you how hard this made things. Not only did NO ONE agree to certain themes, they threatened to quit the collab if a certain theme was decided. I couldn’t have this. All the users were valuable to the collab, and losing one was not an option. So we decided to go and do what we did last time. As well as I used a new system for getting animations.

    Maving people make specific animations for the collab was great to have, but it wasn’t exactly the greatest way to get the length of the movie we wanted. Sure we got many entries, but it wasn’t enough by a long shot. So instead I decided to include in the main movie, what I did for the extras in the first collab. Which was use older animations that have never been seen by newgrounds and putting them in. This actually was a better idea than expected because not only did it aid in the amount of collab entries, but it also gave the opporunity to skilled pivoters to show there skills to all of newgrounds.

    April 9th 2008:
    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/434304 Narf’s Pivots 2 was a historical event for the pivot world. People said it couldn’t be done yet it was the first pivot on newgrounds to receive a newgrounds award to my knowledge. I don’t feel it deserves the score is holds now because I could definitly make better. However it did what it was set out to do, and it gave me the confidence I needed for constructing the Pivot Collabs.

    April 10th 2008:
    AtokNiiro http://atokniiro.newgrounds.com/ Makes his celebrity appearance. One of the best pivoters of this time, and probably THE BEST pivot artists of all time, so it was an honor to have him around, and really he was really cool to talk to.
    A little example of what Atok can do stick making wise. This was all made entirly from pivot sticks.

    April 17th 2008:
    Silvercrap/keii http://silvercrap.newgrounds.com/ finally makes his pivoting debut. He joined the showcase earlier in 07 but he didn’t actually post pivots until this time. Keii would later join the second collab and would provide a lot of hilerious pivots for our veiwing pleasure.

    Still to come, The Second Pivot Collab, and the fall of Paan!


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    Re: Holy crap look what I found chaps!

    Post by Narf on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:14 am

    Quick sum up of what else happend.

    We mutinied paan. Left his shit out to dry. Made FrameRateForums, had a gay ol time, made collab 2 which got an award, then went on to make collab 3 which actually got front page on newgrounds. Woot for us.

    Changed forums a third time to have more control, and it fucked everything up and we died.

    You can view the older forum here http://framerateforums.mybb3.org/

    Its full of spam as of late since I haven't been monitoring it lol, but most of the threads are still intact.

    The last forum was shut down since I didn't renew the service.



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    Re: Holy crap look what I found chaps!

    Post by Narf on Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:06 am

    Narf here. I dont know how or why i found this place again. But received an email that led me back here. Same ol password still works.

    In the hopes that the email has reached others ill leave you this tidbit in hopes that one of you all will someday find it.

    Its been almost 10 long years boys. Im practically an old man now. Older and wiser that i was when i last wrote here. I just wanted to say ill never forget animating with all my pals those many years ago. I hope your all doing well with your lives and i miss you all dearly. Goodbye and good luck. And dont forget to ease your frames!

    Mr Alex

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    Re: Holy crap look what I found chaps!

    Post by Mr Alex on Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:02 pm

    Woah, what a throw back. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out why my username wasn't "Random Santa", guess I changed it to Mr Alex. Random Santa here!
    Good to see you're still kicking about Narf, and all of the other members! My previous posts and messages are so cringe-worthy after looking back. But that thread really holds much more value to me than I thought, good memories!

    Hope you're all doing wonderfully!

    - RS

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    Re: Holy crap look what I found chaps!

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