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    Rules and regulation

    Post by Zans on Sun May 03, 2009 9:46 am

    As an Easytoon Hangout member I expect you to behave with a high level of maturity, which means, no spam, no porn, and above all no flaming. We are a site based off of Easytoon but if you are another animator you may post your animations as well. There will be no judging a person on what program he or she uses, but all community projects and competitions will be centered around Easytoon. Never discourage a person, only give constructive criticism to make them a better animator.

    We all started out somewhere, why not end up here.

    -No spam

    -No links to shock sites or pornographic websites

    -No flaming

    -No bitching

    -Absolutely NO STEALING

    -Constructive criticism only

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